TIM4u2 Time Is Money for you too

~€~ Tempus est pecuniam pro te nimis (ツ) started 2013-03-18

Time sheet , sign of freedom


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To be paid you need to

complete a timesheet,

like a surfer needs

speed to rise up.



e-mail info@tim4u2



co worker

Bonus fee



in 2004 i had a stroke limitting me to lowercase only





5 tweeter pitch

#tptim in seach

1 #tptim

TIM4u2 a free of charge app

texting 'start' and 'stop' data to a flexworkers' smartphone or sms gateway server


2 #tptim

the second version with a 'bonusfee' field

any one can sent sms messages and arrange a consoldation email

3 #tptim

sms service is started with a + balance of €13

when + :

weekly job runs on request for a default of € 1

for all outstanding msg


4 #tptim

so 13 weeks or a quarter of the year free of charge

default €1 fee can be modified

user pays the value it is worth for the user


© 5 #tptim is a 5 #tweter #pitch use it in discover , and have the 5 tweets http://www.tim4u2.nl #TPTIM


you can download an install the app TIM4u2

at the link.





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What is an app.

and what does the app



- an app is an application running on a smartphone. in this case an Android Samsung Galaxy Gio with a MIT's 'app inventor' app.

TIM4u2 or

'Time Is Money for you too', simulates a punch-in / punch-out for a flexworker, or a 'zero-hours-contractor'

TIM4u2 is an app texting the 'now' START an STOP date/time to the Phoneno entered in the field.

START and STOP must be saved and can be recalled.

SMS or texting is done by the SMS button

TIM4u2 is a free of charge app to be installed from the beta range at



1 start the app

2 enter Phone no.

3 START button to start

4 SAVE button to save

5 STOP button to stop

6 SAVE button to save

7 SMS button for texting or to SMS


sent a review to publish on this site

and have a € 13.- bonus fee for next version











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critics of users.

Piet Tunderman

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