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TIM4u2 Time Is Money for you too

~€~ Tempus est pecuniam pro te nimis (ツ) started 2013-03-18

Time sheet ,

or sign of freedom


To be paid you need to

complete a timesheet,

like a surfer needs

speed to rise up.


For a timesheet you have to punch-in

and to punch-out.


For TIM4u2 you have to

punch-in only

The punch-out may be omitted.


And that is a unique selling point


e-mail info@tim4u2



co worker

Bonus fee



in 2004 i had a stroke limitting me to lowercase only








Freelancers and the shifting foundations of work


Time Is Money


TIM4u2 aka TIMe.

an Android app created using MIT's App Inventor,

and running on a Neptune Pine on your wrist.


TIMe [Time Is Money for you too] is an Android app created using MIT's app inventor.


App Inventor is a free, cloud-based, app making education service that you access using a web browser. And if you are Android-less, never fear, you can use the on-screen Android emulator!


TIMe [Time Is Money for you too] is an app designed for freelance zzp'ers, home co-workers and all people where hours worked are used as base for the performance and invoicing.


TIMe [Time Is Money for you too] is using a 'one button' feature registrating START / STOP time with PROJECT reference texting SMS to your smartphone ,smartwatch or tablet. And, as an option, if you need a consolidation, to a SMS gateway server producing a spreadsheet for further processing.



TIMe is a free of charge app, texting 'START'and 'STOP' data of a flexworker, freelancer or coworker to his own smartphone or selected sms gateway server for a weekly consolidation.


the field bonus fee concerns the second version of the app. tkis second and improved version is in construction now, and includes a lot more settings of the app stored in a tiny database.

these settings are used to control the sms gatewau server.



any one can sent sms messages to the server or own phone and arrange the consoldation email.


the server processing is done for a fee of 1 euro


all outstanding messages are processed and the amount of 1 euro is balanced.



the sms service is started with a balance of 13,- euro.

so 13 weeks or a quarter of the year free of charge.


processign is stopped at minus balance and restarted after a paypal receipt of refund.


at the sms command to start the weekly processing, the default 1 euro fee can be modified to 0,10 as we say in holland : a two and a half year 'first class for a dime'


if you enter a 0,01 you can even have a twenty five years profit use. so practically free of charge.



the user pays the value it is worth for the user.

with TIM you have the controls over over your price.


TimeIsMoney for you too


using TIMe is ending the " i am looking for ..." trip.



AndroidPit is de Android App Store for downloading and installing.



you can download an install the app TIM4u2

at the link.





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What is an app.

and what does the app



- an app is an application running on a smartphone. in this case an Android Samsung Galaxy Gio with a MIT's 'app inventor' app.

TIM4u2 or

'Time Is Money for you too', simulates a punch-in / punch-out for a flexworker, or a 'zero-hours-contractor'

TIM4u2 is an app texting the 'now' START an STOP date/time to the Phone entered in the Phonenumber field.

START and STOP must be saved and can be recalled.

SMS or texting is done by the SMS button

TIM4u2 is a free of charge app to be installed at


1 start the app

2 enter Phone no.

3 START button to start

4 SAVE button to save

5 STOP button to stop

6 SAVE button to save

7 SMS button for texting or to SMS


sent a review to publish on this site

and have a € 13.- bonus fee for next version








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Piet Tunderman

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